Store Front

This is our farm

Our dairy farm has been in our family for three generations.  That’s something we are incredibly proud of! Our farm is comprised of beef cattle, dairy cattle, chickens, plenty of cats, and our dog, Ginger.  The kids show some of the dairy animals at the county fair.

We raise our own feed, as much as we can; sometimes Mother Nature impacts that!  We have acres of corn, soybeans, alfalfa and winter wheat. All of these crops go into providing healthy diets for the cattle, and keeping them comfortable all year round.

In today’s agricultural economy, we were looking for ways to diversify, and started raising our bull calves for beef.  Then, we used some beef bulls to produce a higher quality beef product. This has been a great venture for our families, and the kids enjoy the extra calves around too.  

In 2018, we took a corner of one of our machine sheds, and converted it into a farm store, to make the beef more accessible to the community.  We’re learning and updating along the way, to make the store the most accommodating to visitors.

We are enjoying this venture and we especially appreciate all the folks who support us in providing high quality, local beef!