The “Big Game” Bundle


Get ready for the Big Game!  We have you covered with snacks and meats! Included in this bundle:

Main course eats:

1-3lb Roast+ seasoning packet and Hot Beef Recipe – Easy Crock Pot Hot beef Sandwiches

2-lbs Pre-seasoned Meatball Mix +Fox Smokehouse BBQ Sauce. Easy Meatballs!

8-1/4 Premade Hamburger Patties

PLUS fill up your snack trays with the following:

1-Summer Sausage

2-12oz Packages of Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds

1-seasoning mix for making Sour Cream Dip

All of this Shipped to your door for $94.95!

Please note: in order to keep the cheese curds fresh we will ship these bundles on Feb 1st.  Keep the cheese curds frozen until the day of the game and they will be squeaky fresh!

*The Cheese curds and Dip Seasoning are missing from the picture.


Starting Price: $94.95